2014-10-03 15:42:00

Cardinal Nichols on Rome church of St Alphonsus

(Vatican Radio) Cardinal Vincent Nichols has taken possession of his titular Church here in Rome which is dedicated to the 18th century founder of the Redemptorists, St Alphonsus de’ Liguori. A philosopher, theologian and author, St Alphonsus was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius IX in 1871.

In his homily during the celebration on Thursday evening, Cardinal Nichols, who is president of the bishops conference of England and Wales, noted the Rome church is also home to the famous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help which has been widely reproduced. The icon, he said, “helps us to find our place in God's great mystery of salvation”.

Philippa Hitchen caught up with Cardinal Nichols just before the Mass to find out more…


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