2014-07-18 14:13:00

Pontifical Dialogue Council sends Ramadan Message

(Vatican Radio) The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has sent a Message to Muslims to mark the conclusion of the month of Ramadan. The theme of the Message is: Towards a Genuine Fraternity between Muslims and Christians. “Our contemporary world faces grave challenges which call for solidarity on the part of all people of good will,” writes the Council’s President, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, noting threats to the environment, the crisis of the global economy and high levels of unemployment – particularly youth unemployment – as some of those challenges.

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The Message goes on to cite also the problems faced by so many families which have been separated, leaving behind loved ones and often small children. “Let us work together,” writes Cardinal Tauran, “to build bridges of peace and promote reconciliation especially in areas where Muslims and Christians together suffer the horror of war,” and, “may our friendship inspire us always to cooperate in facing these many challenges with wisdom and prudence.”

The Message concludes with an appeal, saying, that facing such challenges effectively will help to diminish tension and conflict, and advance the common good, as well as demonstrate that religions can be a source of harmony for the benefit of society as a whole. “Let us pray,” the Message closes, “that reconciliation, justice, peace and development will remain uppermost among our priorities, for the welfare and good of the whole human family. Together with Pope Francis, we are happy to send you our cordial best wishes for a joyful celebration and a life of prosperity in peace.”

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