2014-05-29 16:45:00

Alleged coup plot in Venezuela

(Vatican Radio) The Mayor of Venezuela's capital city, Caracas, has revealed what he's insisting is a coup combined with an assasination plot against President Nicolas Maduro.

Listen to James Blears' report...

Caracas Mayor Jorge Rodriguez is alleging a multi million dollar fund which he says has been fuelling a plot. He's accusing former Federal Deputy Maria Corina Machado of being involved, saying one of her e mails directly refers to Kevin Whitaker- the US Ambassador in Colombia. Rodriguez is also accusing the US Government  of supporting the political oppostion. Maria Machado is catagorially denying all the accusations saying it's quote: INFAMY. 

The US Secretary of State John Kerry who's visited Mexico during the last week, is calling on the Venezuelan Government to honor agreements it made over a month ago, to reform policies. 

The US House of Representatives has now agreed to impose sanctions against some Venezuelan officials it says have violated human rights. This includes travel bans and freezing bank accounts.

Venezuela has been increasingly affected by demonstrations since February against rampant inflation, acute shortages of basic commodities, crumbling infrastructure and spiralling crime. 42 people have died, more than 800 have been injured and 2,500 have been arrested.  The main opposition coalition has abandoned talks with the Venezuelan Government. And the mediation team of UNASUR Foreign Ministers went home last week. 

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