2014-05-21 17:49:00

Logo for the Apostolic visit of Pope Francis: an explanation in Latin

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis is set to visit the Holy Land from May 24 to 26 in the footsteps of the  first 'pilgrim pope', Paul VI. An effort  to mark the historic encounter fifty years ago between the Church of Rome and the Church of Constantinople. An encounter Pope Francis is set to renew as on Sunday he too like Paul VI will meet with the Patriarch of Constantinople.

An event echoed in the  logo created for the Apostolic visit of Pope Francis. One Veronica Scarisbrick discusses partly in the Latin language with our popular 'Latin Lover', Carmelite Father Reginald Foster.


The logo features two bearded men in a boat who  represent the first two disciples of Christ, Saint Peter and Saint Andrew. Depicted as they embrace, the message connected to them is one of unity, as the first represents the Church of Rome and the second the Church of Constantinople. 

A symbolism further highlighted by the caption beneath the mast in the shape of a Cross. It's 'Ut Unum Sint', meaning 'So that They May be One',  a reference to the encyclical of Saint John Paul II of May 1995 which focuses on Christian Unity.

The sails of the boat which represents the Church are depicted billowing in the wind, symbolising the Holy Spirit. Clearly a logo which represents a message of unity for all humanity called to overcome the divisions of the past. 

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