2014-05-20 17:01:56

All India Christian Council congratulates Narendra Modi

May 20, 2014 - ‎The All India Christian Council (AICC) has congratulated Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi on ‎his massive victory in the Lok Sabha elections, hoping that he would take India forward. “Narendra ‎Modi's campaign on development was the right one. This was the main issue Indians were concerned ‎about in 2014. This is one issue where all Indians are agreed regardless of their religious and caste ‎background,” AICC said in a statement. The new young India with over a 100 million new voters ‎belonging to all castes and religions have voted for Modi's promise to deliver jobs, opportunities and ‎deal with the stagnant economic condition across the nation, it said, adding that inflation and price rise ‎had demoralized people in urban and rural areas. Referring to Modi’s ‘other backward classes’ (OBC) ‎origins, the council said that the election of India’s first OBC Prime Minister is a welcome step in the ‎long process of India's social reform. “The Christian community expects Modi and his government to ‎take the community and other minorities along to make India truly inclusive in the great task of nation ‎building,” the AICC statement said. It said that the community also expected the new prime minister ‎and his cabinet to keep extremist forces at bay and hoped that there will be an end to the anti-Christian ‎violence in different states. ‎‎(Source: UCAN)

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