2014-05-19 15:53:03

Pope urges Mexico on the path of encounter, dialogue and peace

May 19, 2014 - ‎Pope Francis on Monday urged that Mexicans and their Church join hands for social peace and for a ‎just, free and democratic coexistence, just as they had done marking the 200 years of their ‎independence and 100 years of the Mexican revolution. The Pope’s remark came in a written message ‎handed to 112 bishops from the Central American nation, in Rome for their ‘ad limina’ visit, which ‎heads of dioceses are required to make every 5 years or so to report on the state of their jurisdiction.

The Argentine Pope recalled the Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Mexico, who sought the integral ‎liberation of the Mexican people through tenderness, not with the sword or force but with love and ‎faith. In the current situation of the nation too, the Pope said, the many violence that afflict the ‎Mexican society, particularly the youth, are a renewed stimulus to promote this spirit of concord ‎through a culture of encounter, dialogue and peace. The Holy Father expressed his appreciation for the ‎Mexican Church’s efforts in many sectors, such as those living in subhuman conditions, the ‎unemployed, those without access to social services, farmers and migrants seeking better living ‎condition. He encouraged the bishops continue in their ministry to the vulnerable and victims of drug ‎trafficking. The Pope also urged the bishops to provide greater role to the laity and the importance of ‎popular piety. The Pontiff underscored the pastoral care of the family, the basic cell of society’ and the ‎first centre of evangelization, where all members, especially children are able to experience affection, ‎common prayer and faith, as integral to daily life. He also urged the Bishops to promote the dignity of ‎human life from conception to natural death.

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