2014-05-17 17:01:20

Death sentence for Christian in Sudan draws global criticism

May 17.2014: A pregnant woman who was raised as a Christian has been sentenced to execution by a Sudanese court that contends she has apostatized from Islam, drawing worldwide condemnation.
Convicted of apostasy, the woman was sentenced to death by hanging. Since she is seven months pregnant, the sentence will not be carried out for two years after she gives birth. Considered a Muslim, her marriage to a Christian man is not legal under Islamic law; therefore, she will also submit to one hundred lashes for adultery. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag is 27. Her father is a Muslim who left her and her family when she was born. Raised as a Christian by her Ethiopian-born Orthodox mother, she later married a Christian from South Sudan.
“Mrs. Ibrahim’s willingness to stand-up for her faith – even in the face of death – is a true mark of uncommon courage and bravery.
Speaking from the caged box in the courtroom yesterday during the final ruling, she told the judge, "I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy".
In addition to the death sentence, the judge imposed 100 lashes for "adultery". Meriem had been arrested because her marriage in August 2013 to a Christian man was not valid under Islamic law. When she told the court that she was a Christian, and not an adulteress, the Islamic court convicted her of apostasy as well. However, Sudan has been under Sharia since 1983. As a result of this, an Islamic court sentenced Meriem to death last Sunday. She was given four days to recant and return to Islam.

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