2014-05-17 16:50:24

Cardinal Kurt Koch at an interview

May 17, 2014: “Beyond being an important anniversary, how significant will this meeting in Jerusalem be” said Cardinal Kurt Koch, in an interview in the Vatica, speaking about the visit of Pope Francis to Holy Land.

Cardinal Kurt Koch,the president of the Pontifical council for Christian unity said that it’s very important to commemorate the first meeting between Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagorus, it’s the beginning of the dialogue. Now we have 50 years of dialogue of love and dialogue of truth and it’s clear that this visit of Pope Francis cannot resolve all the problems of the dialogue of truth, but it will deepen the friendship and the brotherhood, the fraternal relations between the Catholic Church of Rome and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

He said that that Pope Francis has many deep relations with the Jews and Muslims in Argentina and recalled the recent visit of the 15 Jews, 15 muslims and 15 Catholics to Jerusalme and wished to visit the Holy father. The 3 dimensions, the ecumenical, the relations with Jews and interreligious dimension also with the Muslims said is a beautiful idea.

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