2014-05-16 16:47:35

Vatican dicastery's fifty years of promoting interreligious dialogue

May 16, 2014 - ‎The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is marking its fiftieth anniversary on ‎Monday, May 19. The Pontifical Council was begun by Pope Paul VI on May 19, 1964, as the ‎‎“Secretariat for non-Christians” entrusted with the task of “paying attention to those who were without ‎the Christian religion…” On 28 June 1988, St. John Paul II renamed it as the Pontifical Council for ‎Interreligious Dialogue. To mark its 50 year the Council will hold a conference Monday afternoon on ‎the theme “50 years of service in interreligious dialogue”. The document “Dialogue in Truth and ‎Charity: Pastoral Orientations for Interreligious Dialogue”, which will be published and distributed to ‎those present, offers guidelines for pastors and faithful, based on the concrete indications and ‎experiences of the local churches, to continue along the path of interreligious dialogue.‎ (Source: VIS)

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