2014-05-16 16:45:30

Christian-Muslim meeting in Amman condemns violence

May 16, 2014 - ‎‎Participants in 2-day Christian-Muslim meeting in Amman, sponsored by Jordanian Prince El Hassan ‎bin Talal, on Wednesday strongly condemned all forms of violence, and particularly appealed for the ‎immediate release of school girls kidnapped by a terrorist group in Nigeria. The third such meeting ‎organized, May 13-14, in cooperation with the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for ‎Interreligious Dialogue, ‎was on the theme, “Meeting Current Challenges through Education”. Held less than a fortnight ahead ‎of Pope Francis’ May 24-26 Holy Land visit, participants also called for greater solidarity and better ‎religious education for children and young people, to esteem the dignity of the human person and respect ‎fundamental human rights. In particular, they called for respect for religious freedom, peaceful ‎resolution of current conflicts, the eradication of poverty and the promotion of the spiritual and moral ‎dimension of life. The Christain and Muslim participans also expressed the conviction that inhumanity ‎and ignorance and not religion are the cause of conflicts; hence the need for integral education. ‎

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