2014-05-10 12:46:31

Pope Paul VI to be Beatified on Oct. 19

May 10, 2014: Pope Francis will declare Pope Paul VI Blessed at a beatification ceremony in the Vatican on October 19. On Friday, the Holy Father issued a decree acknowledging a miracle attributed to the intercession of his predecessor, clearing the way for his beatification. Pope Paul VI was born Giovanni Battista Montini on Sept. 26, 1897 in Concesio, Italy, and died on August 6, 1978. His pontificate from 1963 to 1978, was between the two great Popes, John XXIII and John Paul II, whom Pope Francis declared saints on April 27 in the Vatican. In the Catholic Church’s process to declare a person saint, beatification is the penultimate phase on a candidate’s road to canonization or final sainthood, for which another miracle is required.
Friday’s decree on Pope Paul VI was one of 5 decrees, comprising two miracles for beatification and heroic virtues of three others. The other miracle for beatification is attributed to Italian priest, Fr. Luigi Caburlotto, ‎founder of the Daughters of St. Joseph. He was born on June 7, 1817 and died on July 9, 1897. The heroic virtues are regarding an Italian and a Spanish priest and a mother of a family from France. Italian priest Fr. Giacomo Abbondo was born on August 27, 1720 and dies on Feb. 9, 1788. Spanish Jesuit priests Fr. Giacinto Alegre Pujals was born on December 24, 1874 and died on December 1930. Carla Barbara Colchen Carré de Malberg, ‎was the mother of a family who founder the Society of the Daughter sof St. Francis of Sales. She was born on April 8, 1829 and died on January 28, 1891.

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