2014-05-08 16:55:35

Vatican, Turkey offices meet on inter-religious collaboration

May 8, 2014: With a view to bringing about collaboration between the Vatican and the Turkish government, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue is currently holding a meeting in the Vatican. The Council’s meeting with a delegation from the ‎Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey is part of a proposal for collaboration between the two sides suggested earlier starting from 2002‎. In September 2012, Council secretary Fr. Miguel Ángel Ayuso ‎Guixot, met the president of Turkey’s Religious Affairs in Turkey. In May 2013, two officials of the Pontifical Council went to Turkey to meet the president of the Religious Affairs to decide on issues for formal collaboration between the two offices. The important meeting provided an opportunity to deepen mutual understanding ‎and to assess prospects ‎for further dialogue

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