2014-05-07 13:30:02

Thai PM ordered to step down

(Vatican Radio) A Thai court has ordered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra step down from office. It found her guilty on Wednesday of violating the constitution. The judge who delivered the verdict said Yingluck had abused her position by illegally transferring her National Security Council chief to another post in 2011.

The ruling comes after months of protests in the capital, Bangkok, aimed at toppling her government.

Speaking to Lydia O’Kane, Dr Apichart Intravisit of Assumption University in Bangkok said her entire government is not stepping down.

“Only the Cabinet members who joined in the approval of such change; the change was then to move the President of the National Council of Security off to an inactive duty. So, those who joined the approval which came out as an unanimous vote… it’s about ten of them who have been asked to stop working.”

Dr Intravisit also says that the political deadlock in Thailand is having an effect on the country in general.

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