2014-05-07 17:45:23

FAO’s Int. Congress on Save Food opens in Dusseldorf, Germany

May 07,2014: Tacking the enormous loss of food in the world is the key to reducing hunger and poverty, but Governments and companies need to intensify their cooperation on this issue. This is the main theme of the Save Food international congress on food losses and food waste that opened in Dusseldorf, Germany on Wednesday. Speaking at the international conference, the Deputy Director General of FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation ) Ren Wang, stressed that an effective coordination of all sectors could make the difference and solve one of the major challenges to world food security. He said while 842 million people suffer from chronic hunger, about 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year. FAO estimates that food produced but never consummated, would be enough to feed 2 billion people. It would be huge gain and essential, that can and MUST be done said Wang. He stressed that national governments and public organisations cannot solve the problem alone, They must work together to create conditions that encourage appropriate investment from the private sector to act.. Only those who produce food can reduce losses significantly, Wang added. Participating in the 2-day congress were several United Nations agencies, public institutions and private companies

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