2014-05-05 16:19:32

Pope hits out against those seeking vanity, power, ‎money in Church

May 05, 2014 - Pope Francis on Monday hit out against Christians and Church men who follow Jesus for vanity, power and ‎money, urging them to follow Him out of love even to the Cross. The Pope’s remarks came in his homily ‎at the morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta residence in the Vatican. Taking his cue from the day’s ‎Gospel on Jesus rebuking the people for seeking him because he fed them with loaves and ‎fish, the Pope pointed to three wrong attitudes in following Jesus.
The first is vanity – such as by the so-called ‘‎managers’ who give alms or fast to attract attention like a peacock. The Pope said this is dangerous as ‎it soon slips into pride and arrogance which is the end of everything. This is particularly bad for a ‎ conceited priest or bishop, as it harms the people of God. Another attitude that Jesus condemns ‎is power. Noting that that in the Church some unconsciously look out for power (like John and James, ‎the sons of Zebedee in the Gospel), Pope Francis said it’ll do these people good to go up north and do some mountain ‎climbing… but not in the Church. Jesus reprimands these climbers who seek power. The Pope said it’s ‎good to ask oneself, “Do I follow Jesus for His sake even to the Cross, or do I use the ‎Church, the community, the parish, the diocese to gain power?” Pope Francis then pointed to the third ‎vain motive in following Jesus – that of money. Recalling the cases of Simon, Ananias and Sapphira in ‎the Acts of the Apostles, the Pope said there are those who follow Jesus for money and with money, ‎gaining economically from the parish, the diocese, the Christian community, hospital, college etc… The ‎Holy Father said this temptation was there from the beginning, in the early Christian community, and we come across many good ‎Catholics, Christians, friends and benefactors of the Church, including those honoured, only to ‎discover later they were opportunists who had made ‘obscure deals’ and made a lot of money, which is ‎not always clean.

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