2014-05-02 16:20:31

Pope thanks Papal Foundation for support to his charities

May 02, 2014 - ‎Pope Francis has thanked the US-based Papal Foundation for their support of numerous ‎papal charitable projects around the world, especially in developing countries. “I am ‎deeply ‎appreciative of the assistance which the Foundation has given to the Church in developing ‎countries ‎through grants supporting various educational, charitable and apostolic projects, but also for ‎the ‎scholarships which you make available to laity, priests and religious for study here in Rome,” the ‎Pope told a 200-member delegation from the foundation whom he received in the Vatican on Friday. ‎‎“In this ‎way,” he said, “you help to ensure the training of a new generation of leaders whose minds and ‎hearts are ‎shaped by the truth of the Gospel, the wisdom of Catholic social teaching and a profound ‎sense of ‎communion with the universal Church in her service to the entire human family.‎” He wished ‎that in “these momentous days marked by the canonization of two outstanding Popes of our time, ‎John ‎XXIII and John Paul II,” they be confirmed in the grace of their Baptism and in ‎their commitment to ‎be missionary disciples filled with the joy born of a personal encounter with the ‎Risen Jesus. ‎
The Papal Foundation was established in 1988 as a response to the desire of Catholic clergy and laity in ‎the U.S. for a unique, sustainable way to support the Holy Father and his witness in the world.‎

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