2014-05-02 09:09:09

Nigeria: deadly blast in capital

(Vatican Radio) At least a dozen people are dead and 19 others injured after a car bomb exploded in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, overnight.

The bomb exploded near a security checkpoint across the road from a well-trafficked bus station where an earlier attack conducted by the Islamic Boko Haram group killed at least 75 people on April 14th.

Witnesses reported that a vehicle apparently laden with explosives drove close to the checkpoint and exploded, and that a man exited the vehicle and ran just before it blew up. A massive explosion and several smaller ones followed in succession as other cars caught fire and fuel ignited.

Police report that the incident destroyed a total of six cars.

The attack took place in the night between Thursday, May 1st, and Friday, May 2nd, and came days before Abuja is to host the World Economic Forum on Africa.

The Nigerian government is deploying 6 thousand police to provide security for the event, scheduled for May 7th-9th, which draws leading figures in world politics, business and academic and public policy to discuss Africa’s prospects for economic growth. Listen: RealAudioMP3

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