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April 26, 2014

The Pope and the People - Emer McCarthy reports on the weekly general audience of Pope Francis with pilgrims from across the world.
When Blessed John Paul II beatified John XXIII – Veronica Scarisbrick brings you the words of Blessed John Paul II when he beatified John XXIII, the pope with the prophetic insight, as he referred to on that occasion .
Do not be afraid of the Cross of Christ - We bring you exclusive sound of Blessed John Paul II’s words to the frailer members of society when he said in English: “ Do not be afraid of the Cross of Christ, the Cross is the Tree of Life, it is the source of all joy and peace”.
The Speech of the Moon - Echoes of the pontificate of Blessed John XXIII, the twentieth century pope to inaugurate a less formal way of speaking, such as his speech of the moon on the eve of the inauguration ceremony of the Second Vatican Council.
Saint George – Cardinal Bergoglio may have taken the name Francis as Pope but his Christian name is really Jorge , George to you and me. Listen to Monsignor Peter Fleetwood’s timely reflection for his Feast day.

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