2014-03-28 09:21:43

Shift in search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

(Vatican Radio) The international air and sea search mission for the missing Malaysian airlines jet has shifted its focus from the treacherous deep sea region in the Indian Ocean where until now search efforts have been focused.

New analysis of radar data shows that the missing plane was traveling faster than previously believed, and would have run out of fuel more quickly.

Though debris has been indicated in satellite images over wide swathes of sea, no visual contact has yet been made.

As John Young of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority explains, the new search area is larger, but closer to the Australian west coast city of Perth. “The AMSA search for any sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been shifted to an area north, following advice from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. An international air crash investigation team in Malaysia provided updated advice to the ATSB, which has examined the information and determined an area 1,100 kilometres to the northeast of the existing search area is now the most credible lead as to where debris may be located.”

He said “the new search area is approximately 319,000 square kilometres in area, and about 1850 kilometres west of Perth. The Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation AGO is re-tasking satellites to capture images of the new area. Weather conditions are better in the revised area, and ten aircraft have been tasked for today’s search.”

The improved weather conditions are expected allow more time for air searches of the zone.

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