2014-02-27 18:47:14

Venezuela peace conference implodes

A proposal by beleagured Vennezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to hold a peace conference trying to difuse the volatile current situation, has fallen on stony ground.

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Worryingly, the level of antipathy and hostility, is matched by deep and currently unbridgeable mistrust. The main oppostion coaltion has dismissed President Nicolas Maduro's peace conference proposal, as a sham and a farce. Principal oppostion leader Henrique Capriles terms the talks as a snippit of political opportunism by President Maduro and Capriles insists the Government is already extinct. The Church and business leaders have already agreed to take part.

Meanwhile, Lilian Tintori-the Wife of recently arrested opposition activist Leopoldo Lopez, has been holding a rally in the Capitol Caracas. It's likely that any sort of agreement would have to include his unconditional release.

President Maduro has announced that the death toll from the unrest has risen to 50. THE crisis flared up more than two weeks ago. The prevailing situation is best described as polorized.

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