2014-02-22 15:19:54

Venezuelan leader expels news agency from country

(Vatican Radio) Venezuela's Leader Nicolas Maduro, is expelling CNN from the country, for what he terms quote: "hostile coverage" of the escalating conflict.

President Maduro had already accused CNN of waging a propaganda war, and of terming the situation as civil war. He warned them to rectify this. Now, however, he has gone a step further by ordering them out. Two journalists sent to cover the conflict have had their work visas cancelled. CNN, which is complaining its freedom of expression is being suppressed, confirms it is still discussing the situation with Venezuelan officials.

In the last days three US Diplomats have also been thrown out – a move which President Barack Obama has criticized.

Another big antigovernment rally is scheduled, with protests now on a daily basis.

President Hugo Chavez who ruled Venezuela for 14 years died of cancer last March. Nicolas Maduro, his chosen successor won the subsequent Presidential Election, but discontent about the fragile economy, particularly inflation, has led to demonstrations.

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