2014-02-21 13:07:50

Ukraine announces deal to end crisis

(Vatican Radio) Violence flared again in Kiev as Ukraine's presidency said Friday that it had negotiated an international deal intended to end battles between police and protesters that have killed scores and injured hundreds of people.
The pact was brokered by three EU foreign ministers to resolve the country's political crisis.
But French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who was involved in the talks, said he would be "cautious" about announcing any deal.
On Thursday, in the bloodiest day of violence in Kiev since the unrest erupted at least 70 protesters were killed and hundreds were wounded in clashes with police.

The protests first started in November when President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a landmark association and trade deal with the EU in favour of closer ties with Russia.

Speaking to Lydia O’Kane about the situation, the Executive Director of Caritas Ukraine Andrij Waskowycz said they have been helping to provide medical assistance. “We tried to support the medical structures which immediately helped the injured people yesterday when the people were shoot. It was a very black day for Ukraine, it was the worst day in newer Ukranian history since the country gained its independence because people were absolutely in cold blood killed by the special police forces.”

With diplomatic efforts to end the current crisis underway, Mr Waskowycz says “we are seeing this great hope that there is the possibility to come back to a peaceful resolution, a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine.” Listen to Lydia O’Kane’s interview with Andrij Waskowycz RealAudioMP3

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