2014-02-17 12:46:08

UK: flooding continues despite easing precipitation

(Vatican Radio) The effects of prolonged severe weather continue to take a toll on different parts of the United Kingdom. Despite storms easing – the United Kingdom is braced for further floods as rain continues to fall on heavily saturated ground.

The Prime Minister David Cameron has described the weather, which has left three people dead, as a "tragedy".

One resident of the town of Chertsey in Surrey told Britain's LBC Radio about the mood there. β€œIt is tense,” she said, after a week and more of intense rain high water levels.

The UK Meteorological Office has a rain advisory in place for south-west England, while in southern England there were 16 severe flood warnings active this morning.

Forecasters expect the situation in the worst-hit areas to improve this week, with Tuesday and Wednesday expected to be dry.

A less intense low pressure system could arrive later in the week. Listen to our report: RealAudioMP3

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