2014-02-15 11:58:32

US storm hits Canada

(Vatican Radio) America’s eastern seaboard is reeling from the effects of a violent winter storm which this week brought heavy snowfall and strong winds to much of the East Coast. Affected areas include typically mild southern states such as Georgia, where Sheriff Scott Bounty, in an apparently tongue-in-cheek move, postponed Valentine’s Day for Oconee County to prevent gift-buyers risking dangerous journeys on the icy roads.

At least 25 deaths have been blamed on the inclement weather, while schools remain closed, power lines are down and more than 14,000 flights have already been cancelled. Stranded passengers are taking the delays in their stride, but these cancellations are just the latest in a series of weather-related disruptions which have plagued the US this winter.

The storm has now moved up the coast towards eastern Canada, where some areas had 60cm of snow last night, with winds reaching 95km an hour. More than 200km of the Trans-Canada Highway have been closed due to dangerously limited visibility, leaving many more travelers still stranded.

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