2014-02-11 10:47:28

Lourdes: little miracles on pilgrimage ...

(Vatican Radio) As Pope Francis highlighted this past Sunday the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes which falls on the 11th of February each year coincides with the day we mark the World Day of the Sick .
Join Monsignor Peter Fleetwood as he shares with us a visit to Lourdes with his sick mother many years ago : "..I can honestly say that the miracles of the 1850's become distant memories when one sees the recurring miracles at Lourdes today..many times in the course of my work I am tempted to say , 'why bother staying here?'...My own frustrations paled into insignificance on that special pilgrimage." ...
A programme produced by Veronica Scarisbrick for the series: "Why Bother ? Staying Catholic despite it all..."
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