2014-02-10 13:32:59

Severe flooding in Britain

(Vatican Radio) Severe flooding and landslides have hit several areas of the United Kingdom, especially along the Thames valley in England. The government has issued warnings that there is a danger-to-life in many of the affected areas, and the main rail line to Cornwall has been cut off.

“We have had the heaviest rainfall recorded ever this January,” said Bishop Kieran Conry of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. “It is affecting people quite dramatically because many of them are finding themselves isolated, unable even to get food and water. Of course, the water that is flooding there is now contaminated … with sewage and other unpleasant stuff. It is not a happy situation at all.”

Many residents have been forced to leave their homes, and around 5,000 properties have already been flooded.

“It is not going to go away quickly,” Bishop Conry told Vatican Radio. “There is more rain forecast for this week.”

Listen to the interview by Charles Collins with Bishop Conry: RealAudioMP3

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