2014-02-09 19:10:06

Vigilantes take control of Mexican town

(Vatican Radio) The vigilantes of Mexico's western state of Michocan have taken the main stronghold of the dominant regional drug cartel.

Backed by armoured cars, the Mexican Army, and Federal Police; and cloaked in the official status of being part of a military defence force, the vigilantes swept into the town of Aptzingan unopposed, without a shot fired. It was quite a contrast to January 11 when they briefly occupied the town’s main plaza following running gun battles with the Knights Templar drug cartel.

The vigilantes have already established a network of road blocks and are searching the streets and houses for their enemies. State officials confirm them as the local authority.

The vigilantes deny the Knights Templar claim that they're allied with the New Generation drug cartel, which is a regional rival.

In the last several days a mass grave has been uncovered in the town of Tinguindin. The vigilantes claim this is the result of a Knights Templar massacre.

The State of Michocan remains highly unstable and far from peace.

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