2014-02-05 10:40:57

Scottish parliament votes to allow gay "marriage"

(Vatican Radio) Scotland voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to allow same-sex “marriages,” becoming the 17th country to give the green light to so-called gay marriage despite opposition from the Catholic Church in Scotland and other Christian communities.

Following the vote, a spokesperson for the Catholic Church in Scotland said, "While the Catholic Bishops of Scotland are disappointed in the decision of the Scottish Parliament, it does not change the Church's understanding of or our commitment to the Sacrament of marriage."

The approval, in a vote of 105 to 18 in Scotland's devolved parliament, follows similar legislation passed by the British parliament last year that allows same-sex “marriage” in England and Wales, with the first weddings to take place from March 29. Currently in Scotland, same-sex couples can enter into civil partnerships.

The move was opposed by the Scottish Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The law will not compel religious institutions to hold ceremonies on their premises.

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