2014-01-21 13:27:43

Food distribution in CAR critical

(Vatican Radio) The UN World Food Programme (WFP) says it’s running out of food to give to growing numbers of displaced people in the Central African Republic because insecurity is blocking supply routes. Yesterday, the European Union decided to send troops to help stabilize the country.
EU foreign ministers said the aim was to protect civilians and to create conditions for supplying humanitarian aid.
The spokesperson for WFP in the Central African Republic, Alexis Masciarelli told Lydia O’Kane the situation is critical.
“It’s a direct consequence of the violence in the country we are not facing this critical situation where are food stocks are almost empty now.”
“He goes on to say that suspending any food distribution is definitely something we want to avoid because it could lead potentially to serious tension.”
WFP say 38 WFP trucks carrying rice are blocked at the Central African Republic border with Cameroon, along with hundreds of other vehicles.

Following recent fighting, commercial and WFP truck drivers have refused to cross the border.
There are 100 thousand displaced people in the overcrowded Bangui airport camp.

In the immediate term, WFP says it is prioritizing distributions at the airport, and plans further distributions in the northwestern town of Bossangoa, but with reduced rations. Listen to Lydia O’Kane’s interview with Alexis Masciarelli RealAudioMP3

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