2014-01-17 12:52:48

Pope greets Floreria Apostolica

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday greeted the staff and families of the Floreria Apostolica which is the Vatican Office that deals with furnishing and decorating the Apostolic Palace, the Paul VI hall, St Peter’s Square and all Papal Basilicas.
The Holy Father expressed his gratitude for their work, especially in the months following his election.
The Pope described the duties they perform as indispensable, adding that it also requires a spirit of sacrifice and a lot of patience. He also gave as an example the work the office does to prepare St Peter’s Square for the General Audience each Wednesday .
The Pope concluded by thanking members of the Floreria Apostolica for their professionalism and encouraged them to persevere in their tasks with fidelity and goodwill.

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