2014-01-13 16:29:05

Pope Francis erects new Apostolic Exarchate in Africa, appoints apostolic visitors

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has erected the new Apostolic Exarchate for the Eastern rite Catholic Maronite faithful resident in Western and Central Africa, in ad Ibadan, Nigeria.

The Pope appointed Rev. Simon Faddoul, president of Caritas-Lebanon, as the first Apostolic Exarch without episcopal title, and as apostolic visitor for the Maronite faithful resident in Southern Africa.

Pope Francis appointed Bishop Georges Chihane, Eparchal Vicar of Cairo and Sudan of the Maronites, as apostolic vistor for the Maronite faithful resident in the countries of North Africa not included in the eparchal territory.

Archbishop Basile Georges Casmoussa, emeritus of Mossul, Iraq, and bishop of the Syro-Catholic patriarchal curia, has been appointed apostolic visitor for the faithful of Syrian rite resident in Western Europe.

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