2013-11-13 11:12:47

Pope expresses deep sorrow for deaths of children in Syria

(Vatican Radio) During the General Audience Wednesday in St. Peter’s square, Pope Francis expressed great sadness over the tragic loss of innocent lives in the conflict in Syria, particularly the deaths this week of a number of school children in Damascus. Tracey McClure reports on what the Holy Father had to say:

The following is a Vatican Radio translation of Pope Francis' words concerning the recent killing of school children in Damascus, Syria:
I heard with deep sorrow that two days ago in Damascus, mortar fire killed several children and their bus driver as they were returning home from school. Other children were injured. Let us pray that these tragedies do not occur! In these days we are praying and uniting our forces to help our brothers and sisters struck by the typhoon in the Philippines. These are the true battles to fight. For life! Never for death!

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