2013-11-11 09:21:00

Intl aid pledged for Philippines

(Vatican Radio) At least 10,000 people are estimated to have died after a typhoon ripped across several islands of the Philippines this past weekend, flattening at least one city. The Philippines government and foreign nations are now working to help meet the massive humanitarian needs.

Along the typhoon's path, rescuers continued to pull victims from the rubble. In the city of Tacloban, survivors queued up at aid distribution points set up by the Philippines military. The Red Cross has said looting was hampering the aid effort.

The Philippines’ president said the government has deployed 300 soldiers and officials to help keep
order. President Benigno Aquino said he might declare martial law if needed.

The United Nations World Food Programme said it planned to airlift 40 tons of supplies, including high-energy biscuits and communications equipment.

Turkey has promised aid including 1,000 tents. Japan said it would send a team of doctors and nurses. The United States has sent marines and aircraft to help distribute aid. Australia said it was considering offering its military to help as well.

"We will obviously stand by ready to support the Philippines in any way that we can,” said Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Australia announced more than $10 million in aid, adding that just under half of that would go to a United
Nations appeal, and a similar amount would help Australian charities already working in the Philippines.

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