2013-10-11 09:31:45

Visit for jailed US activist in N. Korea

(Vatican Radio) An American Christian activist, jailed in North Korea, may be getting a visit from his family. Kenneth Bae is serving a lengthy sentence for subversion. Bae's family said his mother arrived in Pyongyang on Friday and was expected to visit him.

In a recent video, Bae said he is serving a sentence of hard labour.

Previously, Bae toured groups to North Korea and reportedly held prayer meetings. After leaving North Korea, he would speak to church congregations about conditions there.

During one such tour, almost a year ago, Bae was seized and later found guilty of plotting to overthrow the state.

In August, his family called for clemency from North Korea, and the U.S. State Department called for his release. North Korea invited a U.S. envoy to visit, then cancelled the invitation at the eleventh hour, accusing the United States of hostility.

Previously, North Korea has released Americans. But generally only after securing intervention by high-level officials, including former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, who flew there for talks.

Listen to the report by Alastair Wanklyn: RealAudioMP3

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