2013-09-28 08:48:04

Remembering Pope John Paul I on the 35th anniversary of his passing

(Vatican Radio) September 28th marks 35 years since the sudden death of Pope John Paul I, just 33 days after his election. During his brief papacy, Pope John Paul I quickly won over the crowds with his personal warmth and became known as the smiling Pope.

Given that he was only in his mid-sixties, it came as a huge shock to everybody when the news broke on the morning of September 28th ,1978 that he had passed away. One of those who reacted with disbelief at first was the U.S. Cardinal William Baum who told us how he learnt of the new Pope’s untimely death.

Listen to this report by Susy Hodges that includes clips of Pope John Paul I speaking in English and an interview with Catholic Scholar George Weigel: RealAudioMP3

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