2013-09-15 18:41:18

Argentianian Priest Fr Brochero beatified

(Vatican Radio) Argentinian priest José Gabriel Brochero has been beatified in the Northern Argentine City of Cordoba. James Blears reports about a devout life dedicated to the people of the pampas.

The parish of St Albert spans 4,336kms. Back in the 19th century there were no roads, paths, postal service or telegraph. Father José Gabriel Brochero initiated them, but his tireless journeys through a then wilderness terrain encompassed so much more.

Riding on a mule he brought the gospel, the prayer book and the image of he Virgin Mary to the most isolated communities. As he himself said: "Abandoned by everyone, but not by God."
The Gaucho Priest who was born in 1840 died of leprosy in 1914.

Not only did he minister to the people of the pampas, he often worked side by side with them as a carpenter and a laborer. In his later years he became physically blind.

The people of Argentina haven't and never will forget undaunted, and truly devout Father Brochero. More than 150,000 of them attended the Beatification ceremony in the City of Cordoba including several thousand gauchos, dressed in the same style poncho, he himself wore on his quest which forever continues. James Blears reports RealAudioMP3

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