2013-08-22 12:33:22

Syria: UN seeks clarification on alleged chemical weapons attack

(Vatican Radio) The U.N. Security Council says it is necessary to clarify reports of a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus. Some 35 member states have called for UN weapons inspectors already in Syria to be given full access to the scene.
Speaking to Lydia O’Kane about the role of the international community in finding a solution to the conflict, the Secretary General of Pax Christi International, Jose Enrique says dialogue is crucial.
“We do think that there are still some remote possibilities of having or kind of forcing negotiations between the parties in conflict and that would be the only door that could be open at this time”
However, he adds that resolution to the situation will remain elusive if countries continue to provide military assistance. “ If everybody is talking about solving the conflict and at the same time many countries are involved in providing military assistance, this is nonsense. So we believe that there must be a serious commitment to push for dialogue, for real dialogue, without the use of weapons”. Listen RealAudioMP3

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