2013-07-19 09:55:47

New President for Conference of European Churches

(Vatican Radio) Intensifying ecumenical commitments and increasing common witness of Christians throughout the European continent. Those are the main aims of the Conference of European Churches, a network of some 160 churches and organisations, founded in the wake of the World War II to promote mutual support and reconciliation between believers across the region.

From July 3rd to 8th, CEC as its commonly called, held it's 14th general assembly in Budapest. Uppermost on the agenda was the challenge of renewing its constitution, as well as exploring new ways of promoting common Christian values amid the ongoing economic crisis.

During the assembly, Anglican bishop Christopher Hill was elected as the new President of CEC, which will be moving its headquarters from Geneva to Brussels. He told Philippa Hitchen about the achievements of the assembly and about his hopes for closer cooperation with Catholic Churches and organisastions in Europe…..

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