2013-06-20 08:42:57

Protests continue in Brazil

(Vatican Radio) Ongoing Protests about social issues in Brazil, reached a flashpoint prior to the soccer Confederations Cup match in the north eastern city of Fortaleza. A march by thousands of protesters prior to Brazil's match against Mexico, on the road to Fortaleza's stadium turned ugly, when Police halted it. Rocks and other misiles were hurled by a furious minority. And Police responded with volleys of tear gas, and rounds of rubber bullets.

Spectators to the match were allowed in after a delay and the match went ahead without incident.

Tens of thousands of people have been marching through major cities about public transporatation rises, which have mostly been resinded. But they're also protesting about poor social services and flimsy infrastructure, as well as corruption and the vast spiralling costs of Brazil hosting the soccer World Cup next year and the Olympics in 2016.

A Survey just out says the Government's approval rating fell eight points between March and June. While President Dilma Rouseff's personal popularity slumped by the same margin over the same time frame. Listen to James Blears report RealAudioMP3

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