2013-05-26 12:02:56

Pope: Mary is always in a hurry to help us

(Vatican Radio) Early on Sunday the feast of the Holy Trinity Pope Francis made his first Pastoral visit to a Diocese in Rome. The Parish of Saint Elisabeth and Zechariah gave the Pope a rapturous welcome as he arrived by helicopter to celebrate Mass and administer the Sacrament of Holy Communion to 16 children. Also in a first for a Pope on a visit to a parish, the Holy Father heard the confessions of a least 7 people.
The Pope addressing the children and the congregation present underlined the importance of praying to the Madonna. Mary, the Holy Father said is always in a hurry to help us, teaching us to understand God. She was there, the Pope added, to help her cousin Elizabeth when she was expecting her baby and she is always there when we need her.
The Holy Father also focused on the theme of the Holy Trinity during his Homily telling the parishioners present that The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one. The Father, the Pope explained is the principle figure, he created everything, he created us. Jesus, meanwhile, said Pope Francis is the saviour. He came down to earth to give his life for us. Lastly, observing the importance of the Holy Spirit, the Pope said, he loves us.
The Christian life the Pope continued means talking to this Trinity. The Pope Francis also said it is the he son who walks with us. The Holy Father described how Jesus gives us the strength to carry on our journey even in difficult times; he is never far from our side.
After greeting the many parishioners following Mass, the Pope returned to the Vatican by helicopter for the recitation of the Sunday Angelus.

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