2013-05-24 16:10:30

Pope reappoints Cardinal Vallini as Vicar of Rome

24 May, 2013 - Pope Francis has re-confirmed Cardinal Agostino Vallini as the Vicar of Rome Diocese. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, in the tradition of St. Peter the first Pope and Bishop of Rome. However, his responsibilities are so vast as spiritual head of the worldwide Catholic Church that he needs a vicar to ensure the proper pastoral care of the Diocese of Rome. In a letter in Latin signed by the Pope on May 13 but made public on Thursday, Pope Francis re-appointed 73-year old Cardinal Vallini as his Vicar of Rome. Within the Diocese of Rome, the papal vicar exercises most of the powers of a local bishop and presides over a vicariate with most of the usual offices found in the chancery of a large archdiocese, including offices for personnel, religious education and ecumenism. In an unusual move, Pope Francis - who frequently refers to himself as bishop of Rome rather than as pope - had Cardinal Vallini step onto the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica with him on the night of March 13 after his election was announced to the world.

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