2013-05-23 17:05:39

Without the salt of Jesus we are insipid, mere museum pieces says Pope

(May 23, 2013) : Christians must spread the salt of faith, hope and charity, as without this salt of Jesus, Christians risk becoming insipid - just mere museum pieces, Pope Francis said in his homily during Mass he celebrated Thursday morning at Santa Marta’s Residence in the Vatican. Stating that salt is valid only if it helps make tasty dishes, the Pope explained that the salt of faith, hope and charity that Jesus has given us, must be announced and not bottled. He said just as salt when closed in a bottle for long becomes insipid and loses its strength, but when added to various types of dishes makes them tastier, so too, Christians must use the salt of faith, hope and charity that Jesus has given to make better the lives of others by announcing well - the word of God. Stating that Christian originality is not the same as uniformity, as each one has his own characteristics, Pope Francis said those who receive the word, will each receive it according to his own style, and become better, just as salt added to different dishes makes them tastier. Let us pray to the Lord that the catechesis we have received, helps us to announce the good news to make the lives of others better and richer, concluded the pope.

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