2013-05-22 16:43:27

Pope says doing good to all unites Humanity and brings peace

(May 22, 2013) “Doing good to all” is the principle that unites Humanity no matter the differences, ideologies and religions we belong to, and helps create a friendly encounter which is the basis of peace, Pope Francis affirmed in the homily of his Mass on Wednesday morning celebrated in Santa Marta ‘s Residence in the Vatican. The Holy Father said the gospel of Wednesday speaks of the disciples of Jesus, who impede an outsider, who does not belong to their group and so cannot do any good. But Jesus corrects them saying “Don’t stop him. Allow him do good as well. The Pope explains that the disciples were a bit intolerant, thinking they alone possessed the truth, and all those who did not, could not do any good. But this is wrong said Pope Francis, and Jesus widens the horizon. The roots of doing good is in all of us,
it is in creation, said Pope Francis, as all of are created in the image of the Lord, who does good to all.
Pope Francis said the commandment to do good is engraved in our hearts, so we can do good and it is our duty to do good. The Pope explained that a closed mind - that one can’t do good is a wall that leads to war; it also leads to killing in the name of God, as history shows. Instead, the Lord has created us in His image and instilled in our hearts the commandment to do good. The Lord has redeemed everyone with his blood, not only Catholics, even the atheists, so it is the duty of everyone to do good. To do good, continued the Pope is not a question of faith ; it is an identity card that God has given to all by creating us in His image and He does good to all – always. The Pope concluded saying “Today is the feast of St. Rita, Patron of Impossible Things, let us ask her the grace to help everyone to do the impossible -do good to all .

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