2013-05-10 17:19:18

Survivor found after 17 days in Bangladesh factory rubble

30 May, 2013 - A seamstress buried in the wreckage of a collapsed garment factory building for 17 days was rescued on Friday, a miraculous moment set against a scene of unimaginable horror, where the death toll shot past 1,000. Reshma survived, in remarkably good shape, by eating dried food that was in her area and drinking spare amounts of water with her. She was discovered on the second floor of the eight-story Rana Plaza building, where crews have been focused on recovering bodies, not rescuing survivors, for much of the past two weeks. When Reshma was freed after 40 minutes, the crowd erupted in wild cheers. She was rushed to a military hospital in an ambulance, but her rescuers said she was in shockingly good condition, despite her ordeal. Reshma's mother and her sister, Asma, rushed to the hospital to meet her. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, called Reshma in the hospital, and the rescued woman began crying on the phone. (Source: AP)

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