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Pope's general audience of May 8

8 May, 2913 - Every week on Wednesday, the Pope holds a public meeting, called the general audience, during which pilgrims and tourists who come to Rome have a chance of seeing and hearing him speak and also receive his blessing. The general audience of May 8th was held in the open, in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square. It began with several aides reading a passage from the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans in several languages.
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The Pope delivered his main discourse in Italian and later a summary in Spanish, his native tongue. Various aides then presented him the language groups attending the audience, including from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Iran and China. The aides then read summaries of the Pope’s catechesis in various languages, including in English.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In our continuing catechesis on the Creed, we now consider the article which deals with the Holy Spirit: “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life”. The Creed tells us that the Spirit is “Lord”, fully God, the third person of the Blessed Trinity. He is the gift of the Risen Christ, who draws us, through faith, into communion with the Triune God. The Creed also tells us that the Spirit is the “Giver of Life”. How greatly we desire true life and the fullness of beauty, love and peace! The Holy Spirit, dwelling in our hearts, is the pure source of “living water, springing up to eternal life” which Jesus promised to the Samaritan woman. Sent by Jesus from the Father, the Spirit purifies, renews and transforms us; he grants us his sevenfold gifts and makes us children of God our Father. Even now the Holy Spirit invites us to see all things with the eyes of Christ, to recognize God’s immense love for us, and to share that love with all our brothers and sisters.

Pope Francis greeted the various language groups in Italian and concluded Wednesday’s general audience with his blessing.
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