2013-05-08 17:23:26

Minorities are second-class citizens in Gujarat

(May 08, 2013) "Minorities in India are still treated as second-class citizens in Gujarat State " said Fr. Cedric Prakash, director of the Prashant Jesuit Centre in Ahmedabad for human rights, justice and peace. He was commenting Tuesday, on the latest report of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom that demoted India to level two of its ranking among the countries, where violations and religious persecutions are growing in Gujerat. The priest noted that the “2003 anti-conversion decree in Gujarat was one of the most draconian laws across the country, as it forces anyone who wants to convert, to first ask the civil authority.
Nowadays in different areas of Gujarat, police visit Christian churches and ask to examine the baptisms records. Besides the current situation, the Jesuit draws attention to the fact that "the victims and survivors of the massacres of 2002, are still struggling to get justice."

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