2013-05-06 16:30:30

Pope: Mary helps us not be 'teenagers for life'

May 06, 2013 - Pope Francis dedicated the first Saturday of May to the Virgin Mary by reciting the Holy Rosary in Rome’s Marian Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. After the prayer, he reflected on how Mary strengthens Christians by helping them mature in their faith and not remain “teenagers for life.” The Pope noted that the “temporary seduces us,” making us victims of a trend that pushes us to the temporary ... as if we wanted to stay teenagers for life! We should not be afraid of the agreed commitments, commitments that involve and affect the whole life! In this way, our lives will be fruitful!” the Pope said on May 4. He said Mary helps us grow, face life, and be free. Just as a mother helps her children grow and not give in to laziness … and recline in a comfortable life which is content to just have things, Mary too helps us grow humanly and in faith. She helps us be strong and not give in to the temptation of being superficial humans and Christians, but to live with responsibility. When obstacles come, she helps her children not to get lost in them but to confront them with courage, maintaining a healthy balance between safety and risk. In the face of adversity, weakness and sin, she gives us strength, shows us the way of her Son, the Pope said. Finally, Mary also helps her children to make important decisions with full freedom, as she did when she said ‘yes’ to God’s plan for her life, the Pope said. (Source: CNA/EWTN)

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