2013-05-03 17:05:16

Islamist group tells Christian missionaries to leave Kashmir

03 May, 2013 - A spokesman for the United Jihad Council, an organization that brings together different extremist Islamic movements, said that Christian missionaries must leave the northern Indian region Kashmir or “suffer the consequences.” 97% of Kashmir’s population is Muslim. UJC spokesman, Syed Sadaqat Hussain alleged that Christian missionaries have a hidden agenda to exploit the poor and the needy, offering them economic aid to convert them to Christianity. He described the approach of Christian missionaries as "highly reprehensible", noting that "Islam is the religion of peace and harmony, which protects minorities.” “However, anti-Islam activities cannot be tolerated." Therefore, he said the UJC has called on all Christian missionaries "to immediately leave the valley of Kashmir", warning: "If not, they will suffer the consequences." The Jihad Council then launches an appeal to other Islamic charitable organizations to help poor families in Kashmir. “Islam is the religion of peace and harmony that provides complete protection to minorities,” he added. “However, [the] anti-Islam activities of a few people cannot be tolerated.” (Source: Fides)

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