2013-05-01 16:49:52

Missionary prayer intention for May

(May 01, 2013) The missionary prayer intention for the month of May is - That seminaries, especially those of mission churches, may form pastors after the heart of Christ, fully dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel...........
In its deepest identity the seminary is called to be, in its own way a continuation in the Church of the apostolic community gathered around Jesus, listening to his word and awaiting the gift of the Spirit for the mission. From the human point of view, the major seminary should try to become a community built on deep friendship and charity, so that it can be considered a true family living in joy.
In his Regina Coeli message on the “World Day of Prayer for Vocations” April 21, Pope Francis asked hundreds of young Catholics in St. Peter’s Square, if they had ever heard the voice of Christ inviting them to follow him more closely. Urging the youth to strive for high ideals, Pope Francis told them to ask Jesus what he wants and be brave to follow him. He said behind every vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life, there is always a strong and intense prayer maybe from a mother, a brother or even a community. Vocations are born in prayer and from prayer, and only in prayer can they persevere and bear fruit, he said. Pope Francis told the young people to learn from Jesus who described himself as meek and humble of heart, and leave behind all earthly desire for his sake and dedicate themselves to proclaiming the Gospel with constant joy and genuine love.

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