2013-04-16 14:13:39

Brazil's Bishops meet for General Assembly

(Vatican Radio) The Bishops of Brazil are meeting this week for the 51st General Assembly of the nation’s Episcopal Conference. The Assembly is being held in the city of Aparecida, home of one of the world’s largest Marian shrines. Our Lady of Aparecida is the principle patron of Brazil.

“I’ve noticed that all of the Bishops are very happy with the central theme of this year’s Conference: The Parish, Community of Communities,” said Bishop Derek Byrne of Guiratenga, Brazil. Speaking to Vatican Radio, he said this year’s theme focuses on two important aspects of the work of the Church in Brazil. “It places great emphasis on what is the nucleus of our work,” he said. “It’s in the parish. That’s where the first contact is with the people. And that’s a very essential part of our work, is looking to see how can we build better communities within the parish? How can we attend better the people, and relate better to the people of God.”

The Conference theme, said Bishop Byrne, also emphasizes “very much the importance of several missionary areas. And it’s certainly our experience here in Brazil. That is something that I’m hoping will come out the reflection, this year, on the Parish, Community of Communities – this incentive for the whole Church to be more missionary within Brazil.”

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